Company History
Back in 1999, frustrated with the quality of reports that commercially available software was able to provide for the web sites they managed, Nigel Shardlow and Ben Suffolk set up Vanilla Internet to provide accurate, flexible reporting systems for large, well-trafficked web sites. Their early clients included BT and Yell, the UK's Yellow Pages search engine.

Since then, Vanilla has expanded its capabilities and now provides reporting systems for a wide range of data sources - from applications as diverse as WAP, SMS and Email systems.

Our mission is to help our clients turn large, unwieldy pots of data into meaningful commercial intelligence. Our specialist understanding allows us to show our clients precisely what information they could be getting out of their data; and our battery of software tools allows us to extract that information with a minimum of fuss and at a fraction of the cost of developing reporting systems from scratch.

1.04 Alaska Buildings, 61 Grange Road, London SE1 3BB
Telephone: +44 (0)7973 549032 • Facsimile:+44 (0)117 032 4352